Come join the Canadian rock trio for a festive experience like none other! For only $19.74, you can get 19 festive carols (plus two bonus tracks!) to headbang to for your very own Progmas celebrations! Fun for the whole family, this once-in-a-lifetime album offers such classic hits such as “Deck the Tobes of Hades” and “BU2B (in Santa Clause)”! Buy now, and we’ll throw in another 2111 copies absolutely FREE! That’s right - you get 2112 copies of this one-of-a-kind album for only $19.74!! Sweet baby Jesus, that’s a lot of albums! Call now!

Track listings:

  1. Finding My Way Back Home for Christmas
  2. Deck the Tobes of Hades
  3. Christmas Day
  4. The 2112 Days of Christmas (AKA Probably the Longest Fucking Song in Existence [clocking in at three weeks, twenty-eight days, sixteen hours, forty-two minutes, and twelve seconds!])
  5. A Farewell to Presents
  6. La Villa Navidad
  7. The Spirit of Christmas
  8. Gift Hunt
  9. New Gifts Man
  10. Distant Christmas Warning
  11. The Big Present
  12. Open Presents
  13. Christmas Telegram (for Mongo)
  14. Where’s My Gift? (Part IV, “Giver of Gifts” Trilogy)
  15. Between Eve and Morn
  16. Tear Away the Wrapping Paper
  17. Presents Unlimited
  18. Workin’ Them Elves
  19. BU2B (in Santa Clause)

And two bonus tracks:

  1. Since When Did I Sell My Soul to Write These Godawful Songs: A Lament by Neil Peart
  2. The Fans Will Probably Wind Up Loving Them Anyway: A Regretful Acceptance by Neil Peart: Another Lament

(Happy holidays, Rush fandom!)

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